I spend my spare time playing Heart of Vegas in Facebook using my tablet. Whenever I get bored, I always used to sit on the couch and starts scrolling my Tablet while having my morning coffee. But how do I maintain my wallet be full of coins? I remember times that i felt so poor and hopeless for every bet i choose to play and still getting zero return on my wallet. So sad 😦


So lets get start, Please avoid using internet while doing this simple tricks

  1. Clear your browser cookies, cache and history
  2. download latest version of “Free heart of vegas coins
  3. Load the game
    see attached picture belowfree-heart-ofvegas-coins-updated-may-2107
  4. refresh the page 3 times and then close the heart of vegas app game
  5. Turn off your Connection internet (wifi – or mobile data)
  6. then, open your hacking tool of free heart of vegas coins here 
  7. You have nothing to do with the hack tool just run the program and minimize it to the tray. see attached samples belowHEART-OF-vegas-hacks
  8. Then open your account and see what will happen next when you follow these easy steps to gain more coins here in heart of vegasBillion coins in heart of vegas for ree
  9. this hack tool will promise what is stated on this tutorial. if you having trouble or difficulty in adding multiple coins after following these steps, you may contact us using our contact form located at the menu bar of the site.

Enjoy hacking of coins without spending real money. No need investment just pure learnings 🙂




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